What to consider when buying carpet

Carpet flooring adds style and elegance to any home, and it also does everything from eliminating noise to improving indoor air quality and cushioning falls. However, the whole process can be a little overwhelming because when you walk into a carpet store, you’ll see hundreds of rolls with various colors, styles, designs, and textures, all from multiple mills. Do some research and consider your needs before you start shopping.

Do you need extra durability or stain resistance?

The best performing and long-lasting carpet floors are closely aligned with your needs. Do you have a big family or entertain frequently? Do you have pets? Is the room where it’s to be installed quiet with low foot traffic, like the bedroom, or busy and the center of family activity?

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Understand carpet fibers

The fiber makes up the rug, and this is where you need to research. One of the most common is wool, natural, soft, white, and has natural oils that repel dirt. It’s pricey, but many manufacturers are adding acrylics to help bring down the price.

Synthetics include nylon, known for super strength and resilience, meaning it will bounce back to its original shape from compression. It is soft with excellent stain resistance. Polyester has superior stain resistance abilities; the PET version is also eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic bottles. Olefin (polypropylene) is budget-friendly, stain-resistant, and often associated with the Berber (looped) style, while Triexta is known for its strength with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Think about carpet colors

Not only do you want it to coordinate with your home's overall style, but this is something to think about if you're going to hide dirt or pet hair. Darker shades hide dirt best. On the other hand, if you have a light-haired pet who sheds, you may want to think twice about choosing a dark color.
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What to know about manufacturer ratings and warranties

Pay attention to them, even if you think you'll never use the warranty. These indicate the manufacturer's faith in the product; if coverage isn’t thorough, it can suggest that the flooring may not last long. Warranties also often include clauses that, when not followed, void protections, so make sure you know your responsibilities.

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