Bathroom remodeling


What to know about bathroom remodeling

Homeowners love to remodel their bathrooms. No longer just a place for grooming, this room has become a sanctuary where you can get a few moments of peace. It’s also the room where you start and end your day, and many experts say it even sets the tone of the entire house. Today, there are so many exciting designs for sinks, fixtures, bathroom lighting, and storage that, combined with fresh paint and some mirrors, that it’s easy to enhance the space and express your style visually.

The bathroom vanity becomes a focal point

While you can be somewhat limited because of plumbing placement, draw the eye toward the vanity as much as possible. This isn’t just the cabinet, but it also includes the countertop and sink and, since it’s such a small room, you may be able to splurge here where you couldn't before. Ideas include installing a marble or granite countertop or an exciting vessel, basin, or pedestal sink. Combine form + function by making sure whatever you choose has adequate storage and incorporate some space-saving designs with creative out-of-the-box thinking, for example, by sliding a beautiful pedestal sink under a cantilevered cabinet. Also, keep measurements in mind and act accordingly; for example, countertops are generally 32-34-inches from the floor, so either lower the counter or choose a separate sink; otherwise, you'll be reaching up to wash your face.



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Pay attention to the shower walls and tub surrounds

Everyone will notice a dingy, cracked shower wall that’s badly in need of repair. Tile today comes in so many exciting designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, you can do something truly unique, such as using glass tiles on the wall with a marble (stone or luxury vinyl) floor to create the look of a high-end spa. Another idea: create a herringbone pattern for the tub surround that also extends to the floor. Here are some other ideas: incorporate ambient (overhead) lighting, add recessed storage for shampoos and toiletries, and unusually shaped mirrors to add decoration so the bathroom will be perceived as a larger space.

Thinking of a bathroom upgrade?

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