Make the most of your home with area rugs

Area rugs are accent surfaces that can be used to separate and divide a room, anchor furniture, highlight another surface or just become an alternative over broadloom. They can be easily picked up and removed when you want to clean or redecorate and, remember, although stock items come in standard sizes, you can always buy them and have them fit with rug binding. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for area rugs in Valdosta, GA.

Rugs should fit under the furniture and extend out on the bare floor

Ideally, these rugs should fit under most major furniture pieces, such as the sofa, coffee table, or bed with around 18 inches sticking out. If your layout is an ample, open space that includes both the living and dining space, try to keep the extension measurements similar; for instance, 18 inches for the conversation space and 18 inches for the dining area. If it’s not possible to have it fit entirely under furniture, the mat should at least be under the front legs, although smaller pieces such as end tables should be completely covered. It should be large enough to fit under both tables and chairs in the dining area, even when pulled out. It might be a little more challenging to get one large enough to fit under the bed, so you can compromise by placing two matching runners on each side. Since beds vary in size, so do the extension measurements because you don’t want to step out on a cold, hard floor first thing in the morning. Allow 12 inches for a twin or double, and around 18 inches for a queen or king.

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Use color and pattern to your advantage

Especially if you’re layering, you can add a little excitement to a neutral floor or even quiet down a particularly highly designed one that already has a lot of ornamentation. Keep in mind that area rugs should be fun, playful items that add visual interest, and if you get tired of them, you can always replace them easily.  Make sure your high traffic areas are fully covered by your area rugs. If there’s one foot on the rug and another on the floor it will be uncomfortable, awkward and may present a safety hazard; for that reason, it’s also a good idea to use padding.

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